Liam Krodel in New Zealand

“My goal was to get as far away as possible and that’s essentially why I picked New Zealand” — Liam Krodel 

One of the biggest questions students who are thinking about studying abroad have is “where should I go?” Most people go their whole life without getting to visit everywhere places on their bucket list, how are you supposed to do it in a summer, semester, or even year?

One way could be to this listen to this interview. Liam Krodel does a great job of explaining his decision to study abroad in New Zealand. Simply put; he loves the outdoors. In to cooking you should go to France. Engineering? How about Germany? Surfing…you get the idea.

Liam does a great job of depicting his time there. He was happy with his living arrangement because got to meet and make new friends from all over the U.S. It’s also worth noting that Liam already has a job lined up for when he graduates and one can assume that his experience helped secure it (just listen to the interview).




  • Why New Zealand is a no brainer if you life hiking [1:37]
  • “A mixed bag of emotions” prior to departure [3:30]
  • Liam’s living arrangement in New Zealand [4:22]
  • How Liam’s view of the world changed [6:48]
  • Clubs, camping trips, and close calls [7:35]
  • Taking advantage of everything New Zealand had to offer [9:44]
  • Liam’s advice to someone who is thinking about studying abroad [10:52]
  • A helpful Queenstown app [12:29]
  • EXACTLY why you need to study abroad [13:39]

Did you know you can surf and ski in the same day in New Zealand?

Surfing and skiing in New Zealand

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