Studying Abroad in Seville With Jason Kouba

Api's Jason Kouba

“We didn’t have a clue what we were doing. We had no idea where we were going, and it was totally fine” — Jason Kouba
One of the biggest reason people study abroad is to immerse themselves in a country in order to learn a language, and I haven’t had anyone on the show go

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How Martyn Magaloudis (an out-of-state student) Actually Saved Money by Studying Abroad

Martyn Megaloudis in Sydney, Australia

“I had always planned on going abroad, it seemed like a quintessential college thing to do”  — Martyn Megaloudis 
Martyn Megaloudis is a marketing major at Pitt where he plans to graduate in three years. But before he does he is spending a semester in Sydney where he is going to school and interning. Martyn is from New

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Should You Double Major or Study Abroad?

Trying to decide between picking up a double major or studying abroad

Deciding whether to pursue a double major or study abroad is a dilemma facing many college students. They can’t get beyond the fact that it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.
If you’re trying to decide which is the better option, there are some clear points to consider which may be very

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Studying Abroad in Seoul with Minel Cannucciari

Minel Cannucciari in Seoul South Korea

Minel Cannucciari studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea last summer and liked it so much that she is thinking about studying abroad again. She did an exchange program and was able to squeeze in a whooping 13 credits in one month during her trip.
In this interview Minel talks about how she was able do

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Why Study Away Scholarships Are A Very Real Opportunity with Callie Ronstrom

Callie Ronstrom, Study Away Coordinator at UW-Superior

“Through our foundation we have a handful of differnet scholarships that are specifically for study abroad” — Callie Ronstrom
Coming to you from the northern most college in Wisconsin is Callie Ronstrom, the Study Away Coordinator at UW – Superior. At the beginning of the interview Callie talks about the driving force behind her first

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