Deciding To Learn Spanish in Spain With Luci Bessinger

Luci Bessinger in Amsterdam

“They experience life as it comes instead of planning and organizing like we constantly do here in the United States. It has definitely changed my perspective since I’ve been back” — Luci Bessinger 
When it comes to learning a language there is no better way than to immerse yourself. Luci Bessinger did just that, and

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English As A Second Language And Stories From Around The World With Matt Schneider

Matt Schneider of WESLI

“When you get an opportunity to get out into a place that scares you a little, I think that you learn a lot about yourself as an individual” — Matt Schneider
Few people are as well traveled as Matt Schneider. Matt, who works for WESLI (Wisconsin English Second Language Institute), covers two important areas in this

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How To Obtain The Perfect Internship Abroad with Karime Diaz

Karime poses in Spain

“Just keep learning and enhance your curiousity for the world around you” — Karime Diaz
There is a fallacy out there that you can’t study abroad if you’re a student athlete. Karime Diaz, once a member of the Kean University Women’s Lacrosse team didn’t buy into this notion and talks about how she set up

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Happy Thanksgiving! (Try and Find Some Turkey if You’re Abroad)

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Studying Abroad in Newcastle with Caroline Sass

Caroline Sass in Newcastle

“I thought I was cultured, but really going out on your own and living 9,000 miles away just opened my eyes” — Caroline Sass
Caroline Sass did a great job with this interview, straight up. She didn’t realize it at the time but she probably gave the most succinct description of setting up a

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