What It Was Like to Study Abroad in Seville and Live in Japan with Andria Morse

Andria Morse: Education Abroad Coordinator at UW-Stout

Andria Morse: Education Abroad Coordinator at UW-Stout

“I explain to students that this is an investment in your future – you are having to navigate all these different things which is going to build confidence, flexibility, adaptability, and networking” — Andria Morse

Andria Morse was so much fun to talk to and learn from in this interview. She currently serves as the Interim Assistant Director of international education at UW-Stout, a comprehensive, polytechnic university about an hour east of Minneapolis.

If you’re thinking about Spain, or specifically Seville – you should tune in for sure. Japan? She’s been there, too.

The takeaway…

Andria tells great stories, gives great advice, and approaches the entire study abroad process with a ‘no regret’ mentality.

Quote Andria would like to leave you with:

“You’re never lost, you’re just in a place you’ve never been before” — Andria’s Mom


  • Andria’s study abroad experience in Spain [1:42]
  • Backpacking around Europe [2:54]
  • Asia Bound and Graduate School [3:52]
  • Andria’s fears prior to leaving for her trip [5:29]
  • Not having any regrets [7:17]
  • Getting to the grocery store in Japan [8:48]
  • Fried eggs over french fries and paella [13:26]
  • A day in the life studying abroad in Seville [14:52]
  • The Poisonwood Bible [16:00]
  • Great advice from Andria’s mom [16:56]

8 Things to do in Seville [Infographic]

Andria Morse in a Spanish Dress

Photographs didn’t used to be digital…thanks for sharing, Andria!

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Published: January 8, 2019