English As A Second Language And Stories From Around The World With Matt Schneider

Matt Schneider of WESLI

Matt Schneider of WESLI

“When you get an opportunity to get out into a place that scares you a little, I think that you learn a lot about yourself as an individual” — Matt Schneider

Few people are as well traveled as Matt Schneider. Matt, who works for WESLI (Wisconsin English Second Language Institute), covers two important areas in this interview:

First: He discusses what it’s like for international students to come to the United States and the role WESLI has in helping with the transition phase and helping students become ‘classroom ready’.

Second: He tells stories from his own travels (there are a lot of them) and you slowly get convinced that travel will make you a more well rounded person after listening.

I had a lot of fun getting to know Matt in this interview and you should, too. I think it serves as a great starting point for anyone thinking of studying abroad or international travel in general.


  • Matt’s journey into int’l education [1:33]
  • Preparing students for the academic classroom [4:53]
  • Who WESLI works with [8:47]
  • How to start with WESLI [12:00]
  • What international experience does for an individual [14:16]
  • A story from his travels [16:41]
  • Matt explains Serbian cuisine [20:36]
  • The value of a homestay [24:00]
  • Let My People Go Surfing [26:51]
  • Advice for students thinking about studying abroad [29:21]

English Speaking Countries [Infographic]

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Published: November 28, 2018