How To Find The PERFECT Study Abroad Program And Not Pay For Any Of It With Maria Gutowski

Maria Gutowski

It was literally me. I saw it, and freaked out, and said 'there's no way I'm passing this up'" — Maria Gutowski

Before we started the interview I asked Maria what her major was. Then when we started the interview she told me what study abroad program she can hear my reaction and then Maria is like: "yeah, I know!"

She truly found the perfect study abroad program, and I'm hoping that she can be an inspiration for you to do the same. In my opinion the coolest part of the interview is how she didn't really even have to pay for it, either.

Yes folks, yet another product of the system that just worked; another satisfied customer so to speak.

It's interesting to hear how she was able to do so much in such a short amount of time and what it was like to do a program that was so niched.




  • Finding the PERFECT study abroad program with GEO 🗺[2:54]
  • Maria explains why you often study abroad through different schools 🎓[4:55]
  • How Maria took her entire trip for $300 💸 [6:55]
  • Living in Oviedo 🏠[8:40]
  • Learning applicable healthcare in Spanish 👩‍⚕️[10:07]
  • We define fluency (or at least try to) [12:00]
  • Gijón, Sebastián, and León 🇪🇸 [13:31]
  • Having an allergic reaction overseas 🌊 [15:08]
  • Overcoming a lackluster first week 🤔 [17:56]
  • Eating fresher food and Bocadillos 🥪 [20:40]
  • A Costa Rican medical brigade 🏥 [22:43]
  • Traveling when you're younger vs. when you're older [23:36]
  • Maria on Oakland University 👨‍🏫 [24:45]
  • The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas 📖 [28:00]
  • Youper 📱 [29:06]

Video About Bocadillos (In Spanish)

How Niche Can You Get With Study Abroad? [Infographic]

A Video Compilation of Maria's Visit

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