Why Studying Abroad in Belize Makes Sense if You Don't Want to Go Far From Home

Rhondine Petrof of Toucan Education Programs

"Students who choose a developing country are looking for something different than if they're going to a developed one"— Rhondine Petrof 

Rhondine Petrof 's background in tourism along her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of central America make her the perfect person to champion Toucan Education Programs, an education program that helps students intern, volunteer, and study in Belize.

One reason that students cite for not gaining international experience is that they're worried about being so far away from home, but as you can see below Belize really is not that far away. The culture is completely different, but they speak English. The food is fresh, the people are vibrant, and it just makes sense to do.

Quote Rhondine would like to leave you with:

"Do all things with great love" — Mother Teresa 


  • Roots in tourism [1:23]
  • Why Rhondine decided to start TEP [2:43]
  • Start by speaking with your study abroad advisor [5:32]
  • Why Belize? [7:21]
  • Rhondine's advice to students who are thinking about studying abroad [11:50]
  • Belizean Cuisine [13:20]
  • WhatsApp [15:58]
  • Rhondine's sympathy for students studying abroad[19:24]

Facts About Belize [Infographic]

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