How Luke Bambrick Started His Summer Trip To London With A Bang

Luke Bambrick in London

“When I have kids, it is literally going to be mandatory for them to study abroad.”  — Luke Bambrick

“A once in a lifetime opportunity within a once in a lifetime opportunity” is how I’d describe the start of Luke Bambrick’s summer trip to London. Why? Because he was actually able to attend the Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s wedding festivities.

Luke approaches the interview with optimism, it’s one of those shows that makes you just want to get up and go…

Luke teaches us about life in London, tracking down family in Europe (something that other Study Abroadcast guests have done as well), and exploring exploring other countries on the weekends.

“Life is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one chapter.” – St Augustine

“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage.” – Paulo Coelho



  • Choosing to study abroad in London [1:24]
  • Having travel costs covered by CIEE scholarships 💸 [3:44]
  • Crashing the royal wedding 👰 [5:46]
  • Academic life for a summer in London 🇬🇧 [10:08]
  • The ease of weekend travel around the EU 🚅 [13:20]
  • Exploring family roots in Belgium 🇧🇪 [14:32]
  • The perks of traveling solo 🧳 [16:04]
  • Eating local at outdoor markets 🥝 [18:18]
  • Kind people around the world 👫[20:36]
  • Drew Binsky, Hostelworld and advice 🙌 [23:00]
  • The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Did you know Luke is also a filmmaker 🎥? His latest work is embedded below👇. Go Luke!

10 Tower Bridge Facts [Infographic]

Luke’s Short

How Dalia Lourenço Parlayed Her 3 Study Abroad Experiences Into A Career That Spans The Globe

Dalia Lourenço talks about her three times studying abroad

“It’s not just ‘how can I go abroad?’ It’s ‘what are my objectives for going abroad? What is the outcome that I want out of it?'” — Dalia Lourenço

Dalia Lourenço (@DaliaLourenco) was born and raised and Canada and she got to grow up speaking English and French because of this.

As we’ll find out below, she didn’t stop at two…

Dalia received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from The University of King’s College where she studied abroad twice and her Masters from City University of London, which was an entire study abroad experience in itself.

If you listen to the interview you’ll know right from the start that Dalia is a go getter. Our conversation is peppered with stories of people with limiting beliefs about study abroad and advice for students who are reluctant about the process.

Over the years, Dalia’s charisma has rubbed off on more than a few people, so much so that she decided to start her own coaching service called Accelerate Your Ambitions which “guides students through cutting-edge branding and positioning techniques that really work.”

See the case study at the end of the post.

It was only a matter of time before I found Dalia and had her on the show. I hope you get inspired like I did.

“Your success in life is measured by the number of difficult conversations you’re willing to have”— Tim Ferriss (one of my favorite podcasters and authors)


  • The beginning of the end (of Dalia staying in one place) [1:50]
  • Don’t let the cost fool you, there are ways  [4:55]
  • Dalia tells us what her living arrangements were like and how she made them all herself   [9:26]
  • Taking part in an exchange program [13:00]
  • Her total time abroad during before finishing graduate school ⌚ [13:39]
  • “You can always come home” [16:13]
  • Watching out for drunk drivers in Russia  [19:26]
  • An aptitude for languages [22:25]
  • Can you guess where Dalia thought has the best food after all her travels?  [24:43]
  • What scares Dalia [27:22]
  • Off to the races and armed with two degrees [29:45]
  • Accelerate Your Ambitions  [31:14]
  • Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari  [33:31]
  • Evernote [35:34]
  • Why you don’t necessarily need to believing everything you hear and why to set goals [36:51]
  • Try to start looking beyond that one next step [41:22]

Dealing in Dalia [Infographic]

Studying Abroad in London With Brent Blahnik

Director of International Education Brent Blahnik

“I hear so often students say they learned more and changed more as a person in one semester abroad than they did in all of college” — Brent Blahnik 🦘

In this interview I talk with Brent Blahnik who is the Director of International Education at UW – Green Bay. Brent is the first person I interviewed who studied abroad in London. I was waiting for someone who has gone to one of the most popular study abroad destinations in the world, and I’m glad Brent was the first person I spoke to about this amazing city. He did a great job of recollecting his time there and gives terrific advice to students who are on the bubble about studying abroad.

I make it a point to not sound repetitive or regurgitate the same information that other study abroad blogs write about, but Brent truly gives great advice on the long term benefits of studying abroad. He graduated years ago, and still remains friends with the people he met on his trip.

One point of emphasis in the interview is The International House, which is linked and map below and where Brent stayed during his time there. It seems like a fabulous place if you’re thinking about London as your study abroad destination.



  • Brent’s first study abroad experience and early influences 🌍 [1:46]
  • Brent’s reservations prior to taking his first study abroad strip 🎟 [4:55]
  • The International Student’s house 🏢 [6:51]
  • Brent’s class structure while living in London 👨🏻‍🏫 [9:59]
  • Brent’s advice to students who are on the bubble about studying abroad 🙌 [12:29]
  • The benefits of studying abroad 🧭[14:54]
  • How UWGB manages international education in house 🧐 [16:30]
  • Brent’s epic travel story 🕵️‍♂️ [19:00]
  • Indian food in London 🍛 [20:29]
  • Keeping up to date on your school’s study abroad blogs 🤳 [21:40]
  • Brent’s final advice for students interested in studying abroad 🙌[22:54]