Kelly Burello Discusses Scholarships and Studying Abroad in Nigeria

Kelly Burello Nigeria

“The premise was teaching them skills in western style mediation and negotiation so it would be easier to communicate with Nigeria in the Future” β€” Kelly Burello


  • Living in Nigeria as a child πŸ§’ [1:59]
  • Learning a difficult language πŸŽ“Β [3:33]
  • Doubts before leaving πŸ˜• [4:17]
  • Living in Nigeria after receiving the Boren Award πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ’Έ [5:23]
  • Exactly what Kelly did while she was in Nigeria πŸ˜‡ [6:26]
  • Going on an African road trip 🚍 [10:10]
    • Visiting SOS Schools ✏️
  • What you see in Africa πŸ‘“ [12:32]
  • If you like spicy food… πŸ₯˜ [14:49]
  • How the trip affected the trajectory of Kelly’s career 😎 [16:19]
  • Why Kelly decided to enroll at George Mason University πŸŽ“ [18:08]
  • Kelly’sΒ  recommendations πŸ™Œ [19:55]
  • Wrapping up πŸ”š

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