Studying Abroad in Prague with Hannah Lutz

Hannah Lutz in Prague

“What I hear from everybody is ‘you’ll never regret going longer’” — Hannah Lutz 
Hannah Lutz is the first student I’ve interviewed that studied abroad in Prague. She is also the first student that used CIEE, which is a great, non profit, 3rd party program to help you get to where you want to go.

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Getting Paid To Study Abroad in Auckland With Jonathan Mennecke

Jonathan Mennecke in Auckland New Zealand

“As long as they’re on the ball and getting things done before deadlines they’ll be able to study abroad and be successful at it, too.” — Jonathan Mennecke on perspective study abroad students. 
Jonathan Mennecke is currently studying abroad at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. He goes to Iowa State University and is a

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Why Liam Krodel Chose to Study Abroad in New Zealand

Liam Krodel in New Zealand

“My goal was to get as far away as possible and that’s essentially why I picked New Zealand” — Liam Krodel 
One of the biggest questions students who are thinking about studying abroad have is “where should I go?” Most people go their whole life without getting to visit everywhere places on their bucket list,

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Studying Abroad in Rome and Exploring The Rest of Europe with Tiera Salitros

Tiera Salitros is studying abroad in Rome

“When you’re in groups of people traveling you’re constantly worrying about those people” — Tiera Salitros 
Tiera Salitros is a design major who is studying abroad in Rome right now through a special program at Iowa State. It’s special because she is technically still going to school at Iowa State this semester even though she is

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