Hello and welcome to your Study Abroadcast questionnaire and scheduling. We want this to be fun, so if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send me an email.

Let's start by getting some of your contact information


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Your episode will be based primarily on the four questions below, but going on different tangents is always encouraged.

  1. Your background (how you got to where you are now)
  2. What is your current project?
  3. Can you share an epic travel story? Something you'd tell at a dinner party.
  4. What’s next?

We’ve got some rapid fire questions as well:

One book that I recommend is

My favorite dish from back home is

My favorite dish abroad is

When I go to a bar I’ll order a

If I could have dinner with one person it would be

I’m in heaven when I’m

One of my favorite quotes is

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Finally, try and think of something unique that you can bring to the podcast. How will your episode stand out from everyone else’s?


Once the podcast has ended you can keep going. I'm building a "10 Pieces of Sage" series around our most popular podcasters. This is an area where you can give ten remarkable pieces of advice on areas such as:

  • Studying abroad
  • Travel hacking
  • Career guidance
  • Productivity
  • Philosophy
  • Resume advice
  • "When I was 20 I wish I would have —————————— ."

This should take some preparation on your part because you will speaking the entire time. You can also record this at your convenience and send me the audio file when you’re ready.

"If you want two men to have a real heart-to-heart conversation with each other, put a microphone in front of them & tell them it's a podcast." — B.J. Novak

I’m looking forward to it!




I want this conversation to be as authentic as possible. If you’re drinking tea, I’ll have a cup. Wine? Why not? I want to feel as if we are sitting in the room together.