UW-Stevens Point Study Abroad with Brad Van Den Elzen

Director of Study Abroad at UW-Stevens Point

Director of Study Abroad at UW-Stevens Point

“This is an opportunity that probably is not going to come back around for most of us” — Brad Van Den Elzen

Brad Van Den Elzen UW - Stevens Point

Brad Van Den Elzen is the Director of the International Student and Scholars Office UW-Stevens Point.

In this interview Brad talks about how and why 21 percent of UW-Stevens Point students study abroad which is about double the national average. The average is 10 percent, just FYI . 👀

“Life is good and to live is good” – Vladimir Mayakovsky




  • Starting with teaching in China for a year and then on to graduate school 🇨🇳👨‍🎓 [2:22]
  • Being able to interact more with UWSP students 👨‍🏫 [5:06]
  • A wide international reach 🌎 [7:22]
  • Making study abroad accessible at UWSP 👏 [8:00]
  • Brad’s advice to a student thinking about studying abroad 🙌 [9:05]
  • Charles Pierce and The Rude Pundit  🎙 [9:58]
  • The curry at Rokeby Manor (this place looks amazing) 🥘 [10:55]
  • Who Brad would have dinner with if he could 🍽 [12:36]

A Glance at UW – Stevens Point [Infographic]

Rokeby Manor Video

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Published: October 24, 2018