What It Means To Study Abroad: UW-Platteville’s Bing Liang Explains

International admissions and recruitment officer, Bing Liang

“There is a certain culture, and people are interested in exploring uncertainties.” — Bing Liang
Bing Liang is the International Admissions and Recruitment Advisor at UW-Platteville. You can probably guess what Bing’s role is from the title, but you will learn that there is so much more to both Bing as well

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4 Steps To Applying For Study Abroad Scholarships

Streamline your scholarship essays with this 4-step process

Study abroad scholarships consist mainly of essays and there are enough to apply to that it can become overwhelming. When I applied for (and received) the Gilman Scholarship I worked smarter, and not harder. Below you will find an illustration of how I went about my scholarship application process. You’ll find its a lot like

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How Students Finance Study Abroad

According to Forbes, the average cost of studying abroad was $17,785 per semester in 2014. Depending on where you go to school – whether in-state or out-of-state, private or public – studying abroad could actually save you money. For instance, if you went to Tulane University where the cost per semester is $31,555 (that’s

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