Studying Abroad in Rome and Exploring The Rest of Europe with Tiera Salitros

Tiera Salitros is studying abroad in Rome

Tiera Salitros is studying abroad in Rome

“When you’re in groups of people traveling you’re constantly worrying about those people” — Tiera Salitros 

Tiera Salitros Rome, Italy

Tiera Salitros is a design major who is studying abroad in Rome right now through a special program at Iowa State. It’s special because she is technically still going to school at Iowa State this semester even though she is living in Italy.

I recommend listening to this interview if you think studying abroad can be a springboard to do even more travel for a semester. Tiera does a great job of explaining different ways to save during the week in order to explore on the weekends.

We also talk about how studying abroad can serve as a trial run for living in a big city and the benefits of going on a solo trip.

Other than that, all the usuals are in this interview…living arrangements, classes and class structure, and as always an epic travel story.




  • Finding her way into study abroad 🧐 [1:50]
  • All Iowa State: Tiera talks about her unique study abroad experience 🎙 [2:50]
  • Her attitude prior to leaving for Rome 😇 [5:58]
  • How living in Rome has changed Tiera’s view of the world 🌍 [7:19]
  • Living arrangements and living in Rome (or any big city) 🏘 [8:12]
  • Exploring the rest of Europe 🤳 [11:28]
  • Tiera’s advice for someone who is thinking about studying abroad 🙌 [12:26]
  • Tiera’s study abroad tip to allow you to travel more [13:11]
  • Tiera’s exciting solo trip 🙏 [15:01]
  • The benefits of being alone while traveling 🗺 [18:45]
  • Becoming a resilient traveler 🧳 [20:08]
  • Flixbus and Train Italia 🚄🚎 [22:15]
  • Let My People Go Surfing  🏄‍♀️ [23:10]

If you want to learn more about Tiera just click on her linked name at the beginning of the article to checkout her blog.

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Published: November 6, 2018