Doing a Summer Study Abroad Program with Taylor Ambrosius of UW-Oshkosh

Taylor Ambrosius talks about her study abroad experience in France

Taylor Ambrosius talks about her study abroad experience in France“If the opportunity approaches you and you think that it happened for a reason you’re meant to go do something crazy and fun…try something new!” – Taylor Ambrosius

In our first student interview on The Study Abroadcast, Taylor Ambrosius of UW-Oshkosh talks about her summer study abroad program and the fears she conquered in order to take her trip. A summer study abroad program is the most popular choice among students because of their ability to save $. Taylor didn’t even go for the entire summer either, she went for a month, but was able to pack that month with an abundance of experiences and memories.

This is a perfect interview to listen to if you’ve got some fears of studying abroad. Taylor approaches the interview with ‘if I can do it, anyone can’ mentality, and she’s right. We discuss the importance of finding a study abroad meet or table on your campus as a good way to get introduced to the process as well as stories of the time she spent on her summer study abroad program in France (don’t worry, we get into the food).

Taylor’s favorite travel quote: The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page” – St. Augustine


  • Language learning and studying abroad [1:14]
  • Getting over homesickness [2:59]
  • Advice if you’re on the bubble about studying abroad [4:34]
  • Living in the moment [5:05]
  • How Taylor’s group helped her while she was abroad [6:16]
  • What gave Taylor goosebumps in France [6:39]
  • ‘It’s a small world’ travel story [7:56]
  • The French food! [9:18]
  • Taylor’s study abroad process leading up to her departure [12:00]
  • How Taylor’s experience led to her current internship [14:11]

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Published: September 25, 2018