Studying Abroad in Seoul with Minel Cannucciari

Minel Cannucciari in Seoul South Korea

Minel Cannucciari studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea last summer and liked it so much that she is thinking about studying abroad again. She did an exchange program and was able to squeeze in a whooping 13 credits in one month during her trip.
In this interview Minel talks about how she was able do

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Why Study Away Scholarships Are A Very Real Opportunity with Callie Ronstrom

Callie Ronstrom, Study Away Coordinator at UW-Superior

“Through our foundation we have a handful of differnet scholarships that are specifically for study abroad” — Callie Ronstrom
Coming to you from the northern most college in Wisconsin is Callie Ronstrom, the Study Away Coordinator at UW – Superior. At the beginning of the interview Callie talks about the driving force behind her first

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Studying (and interning) Abroad in Dublin With Jessica Kisluk

Jessica Kisluk in Dublin, Ireland

“It’s been an amazing experience because I’ve been planning events for networking between composers, directors, and writers.” – Jessica on her internship in Dublin
Jessica Kisluk is a senior at SUNY Owsego, which is located in upstate New York. She’s a Broadcasting and Mass Communication with a minor in Arts Management and Graphic Design. And she’s

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Educating Students About What Study Abroad Is With Lacy Frewerd

Lacy Freward, study abroad advisor at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College

“Why would they study abroad, why is it going to help them on their educational journey, how is it going to relate to their career field, and once I start piecing it together for them I can see that light bulb go off” — Lacy Freward
The numbers of students that study abroad are

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Interning in Australia With Lorenzo Corazzin

Lorenzo Corrazin interning in Australia

“You gotta be able to go open minded, be able to adapt, and understand how to get what you want, and you’ll be fine” — Lorenzo Corrazin
Lorenzo Corrazin has been to every continent except Antarctica. He moved to the United States from Italy when he was 16 and is currently in Australia serving

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