Hannah Marie Morris: A Study Abroad Consultant In The Truest Form

Hannah Marie Morris Study Abroad Smarter

“Studying abroad really educates the world.” — Hannah Marie Morris, P.h.D.
Study abroad consultant Hannah Morris is a true global education pioneer. Through her non-profit, Intercultural Transitions, she is improving international education by making the transition for international students smoother when they arrive at their host school. In addition to her non-profit, Hannah also

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How Johannes Schmied of UW – Oshkosh Blends in With His Environment

Johannes Schmied of UW-Oshkosh

“Anything that’s local is something that I will try and mimic and blend in in order to learn more about a culture.” — Johannes Schmied, UW – Oshkosh.
Johannes Schmied is originally from Austria and decided to make a career out of studying abroad after his first trip to the United States at the

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How Dilyn Riesterer of Edgewood College Studied Abroad Twice!

Studying abroad at Edgewood College

“It is for any student. It doesn’t matter what your financial situation or race is, anybody can study abroad.” — Dilyn Riesterer
Edgewood is truly a unique place in that they’ve got all the bases covered with elementary and middle schools, a high school, and college all on the same campus. So it is

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How Dr. Geoff Bradshaw is Revolutionizing International Education at Madison College

Dr. Geoff Bradshaw of Madison College

“To study abroad is something that leverages us in a way that most other types of learning just doesn’t do.” — Dr. Geoff Bradshaw, Madison College
Hong Rost Leadership Award winner, Dr. Geoff Bradshaw has overseen international education at Madison College for the past several years and has been an integral part in the

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4 Steps To Applying For Study Abroad Scholarships

Streamline your scholarship essays with this 4-step process

Study abroad scholarships consist mainly of essays and there are enough to apply to that it can become overwhelming. When I applied for (and received) the Gilman Scholarship I worked smarter, and not harder. Below you will find an illustration of how I went about my scholarship application process. You’ll find its a lot like

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